Box set of table knives (x2)

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Box set of table knives (x2) Box set of table knives (x2)

These knives came from a design competition organized by our workshop some time ago.
Four students from the Nantes School of Design won this contest by offering a sleek style
and a remarkable grip.

The Design School students, winners of the competition ‘Design a knife’, are at the origin of the timeless, refined and slender profile of this table knife. The blade is made of alenox steel; the handle, permanent feature from JHP Workshop range of knives, is made of Morta. Cleaning care: Hand wash only – Not to be put in a dish-washer!

Gift bag

By default, your folding knife will be shipped in a elegant box with a wax seal; you can also ask us for a bag if you intend to make a gift.