Immerse yourself in the history of Morta

More than 5000 years ago in the Brière, a beautiful forest of oak trees was submerged by water. Trapped in the peat, the trees have mineralized and been preserved. This exceptional noble wood that has matured over time is called : Le Morta.

The JHP Workshop (l’Atelier JHP) has designed "le Morta", a handcrafted slip-joint folding knife, made of natural quality materials. Elegant, with its locks and spring finely guilloched, the Morta knife does not renounce its rural origins: it remains a utility knife designed to accompany you everywhere and serve you faithfully. Its dimensions are ideal for carrying around with you and for multipurpose uses; its generous "sage leaf" shaped blade makes it an effective tool.

Later on, l'Atelier JHP decided to create a full range of fixed and table knife.

Once in your pocket, you will find it hard to part with your Morta knife. That is why we guarantee our knives "for life".